• Jim - Eagan, MN

    After numerous price requests from contractors, I hired MD Concrete to remove my old asphalt driveway and replace it with concrete. Their pricing was very competitive, as well as offering consideration of proper drainage and other amenities. The quality of their workmanship was excellent, and they completed the job in an exceptionally timely manner.

    I have been a project superintendent for commercial construction for 25 years and would gladly recommend MD Concrete to anyone looking for quality work for a fair price.

Concrete Contractor - Edina, MN

» Md Concrete is proud to service the city of Edina, MN. Projects in Edina include Decorative concrete;
Stamped concrete & Colored concrete as well as Standard concrete for residential and commercial flatwork.

» Services include removal and installation of new concrete: driveways, patios, walkways, steps, garage aprons,
athletic courts or sporting courts, pool decks, basement floors and garage floors as well as concrete fire pits.

» Md Concrete offers a free consultation with the homeowner to discuss their needs and then offer plan and design
ideas for the project. All details about the materials, design, pattern, and concrete finish are specified in the bid.

1-edina_webThis project in Edina is a decorative concrete patio designed with multiple patterns and colors. The patio is enhanced with a dark colored, stamped 18" concrete border in the Belgian Slate pattern. The main body of the patio is a lighter warm earth tone stamped in the English Yorkstone pattern. The patio border helps define the area and compliments the matching stamped and colored concrete steps.

2-edina_webIn Edina, this project is a curved stamped concrete walk that gently flares to meet the driveway stamped borders. Both the walk and borders consist of the same color and stamped Slate pattern. The main drive is standard concrete with a broom finish.

3-edina_webThis Edina driveway and walk is standard colored concrete. Both the drive and walk have flares to give a softer appearance. The control joints are less noticeable due to being saw-cut vs. hand cut.

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