• Paul and Ginny - Burnsville, MN

    We appreciate our concrete driveway MD Concrete installed two years ago. It is much more durable and attractive than the cracked and old asphalt they replaced. What we like most is that it's maintenance free. We don't have to put down sealer every year like our neighbors. Also, after checking prices, the cost of concrete was not any more expensive than new asphalt.

frequently asked questions

In attempt to save you time and effort, we have listed several of our most Frequently Asked Questions and corresponding Answers below. If your question is not addressed, please feel free to contact us at any time.

What’s the average duration of a concrete installation?

1 to 2 days.


What’s the minimum concrete strength needed for the upper Midwest?

3500 – 4000 psi.  Md Concrete uses a minimum of 4500 psi.


After a concrete project is poured, how long until it can be walked and driven on?

Generally, 24 hours to walk and 7 days to drive on.


What kind of concrete helps against rock pop-outs?

Granite or Falkstone are dense aggregates that drastically reduce rock pop-outs.  As a standard practice, Md Concrete uses dense aggregates for all projects.


What is the benefit of concrete vs. asphalt?

Concrete is much stronger and more durable than asphalt -- lasting 2-3 times longer.  Concrete improves curb appeal and increases your property value.  It requires less maintenance and is less expensive over time.


What are the benefits of stamped/colored concrete vs. pavers, brick or stone?

Stamped/colored concrete is significantly less expensive than installed pavers, brick or stone.  Stamped concrete is poured with pure concrete, only the surface is stamped (or impressed) to look like pavers, brick, stone, slates, granite and even wood decking.  By using solid concrete, it won’t be susceptible to weeds growing or sand being brought up by ants.  Md Concrete reinforces the concrete with steel re-bar, prohibiting shifting and settling.


Can salt and de-icer products be used on concrete?

No, it’s not a good idea.  Salt and de-icers can cause scaling damage to the new concrete surface.  If traction is needed, loose sand should be used.


Is it normal for my concrete to heave in the winter?

Yes, heaving is normal for concrete, asphalt, pavers and anything that is floating without a foundation (eg. driveways, walks & patios).  To help aid against heaving, all gutter down spouts should have extensions allowing the water to drain away from the home.  The home and yard should be adequately graded so the new concrete area is kept free from unwanted saturation.


Does a concrete contractor need a certification or degree?

There is no degree or certification needed to install concrete.  However, in addition to a collegiate degree, Matt and Mike are both ACI (American Concrete Institute) certified.  The ACI is a technical and educational society—one of the world’s leading authorities on concrete technology.


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