Concrete Contractor - Cottage Grove, MN

» Md Concrete is proud to service the city of Cottage Grove, MN. Projects in Cottage Grove include Decorative concrete;
Stamped concrete & Colored concrete as well as Standard concrete for residential and commercial flatwork.

» Services include removal and installation of new concrete: driveways, patios, walkways, steps, garage aprons,
athletic courts or sporting courts, pool decks, basement floors and garage floors as well as concrete fire pits.

» Md Concrete offers a free consultation with the homeowner to discuss their needs and then offer plan and design
ideas for the project. All details about the materials, design, pattern, and concrete finish are specified in the bid.

1-cottage-grove_webThis project in Cottage Grove is a concrete patio and steps featuring an 18” stamped and colored concrete border in the Canyon Stone pattern. This border enhances the curves of the patio, giving it a “one of a kind” look.

2-cottage-grove_webThis is a Cottage Grove concrete driveway with a curved walk and a 3rd stall drive extension for addition car parking. Concrete driveway additions are not only good for additional parking but also add recreational space for: basketball, skate boarding, rollerblading, tennis, hockey, biking and kiddy carts.

3-cottage-grove_webIn Cottage Grove, this is a decorative concrete driveway and front walk. The concrete design incorporates the driveway with the landscape design. The concrete walk, garage apron and corners of the driveway are multi-colored and stamped concrete in the English Yorkstone pattern. The main body of the driveway is 1 pure colored concrete with a standard broom finish for traction.

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